About Us

Naija Hot Blog is a Nigerian media website with a mission to strengthen Nigeria’s democracy, advance the socioeconomic well-being and rights of the people, promote and enrich cultural practices, and promote best practices, good governance, transparency, and human rights.

Proprietors of the website believe that of all the institutions of a modern democracy, the media matter in large measure. It can aid in the creation of new communities, the pursuit of political and social goals in favor of a better society, and the development of visions of resistance. Sadly, the media may sometimes have negative effects, such as causing division among people and stifling optimism and vision. Both roles have been filled by the media in our nation at various points throughout its history.

We bring a huge commitment to offer our country the type of media that will advocate for the people and nudge our nation on the path of development and social reengineering.

In our opinion, the new media that will support the challenge of the educational revolution, cultural rebirth, and economic development in Nigeria must be reflective, thoughtful, analytic, and empathetic without a sense of entitlement and insularity in both its formalistic processes and its content philosophy.

Beginning with this online platform where we intend to reach the majority of our young and middle class elites with a vision of the future and a belief in social change, we will publish across all forms.

Our Stance:

  • Naija Hot Blog is an independent source of information. It exists on money from advertising and it is not being financed or influenced by government, parties, or by private individuals.
  • Our aim is to collect information from all the available sources, systematize it and explain it in a really understandable and neutral manner. As a result, we provide high quality, reliable and affordable media products related to different spheres of people’s lives, including politics, culture, education, technology etc., for promoting knowledge, development, political stability and economic prosperity.
  • All the stories at Naija Hot Blog shall avoid a single-sided reflection of the situation (unless it is the author’s opinion). The site is not liable for the author’s point of view, but, at the same time Naija Hot Blog reserves the right to publish alternative visions, as long as they are not considered to be propaganda, do not justify violence, do not lead to the sparking of enmity.
  • The news site often deals with challenging and controversial content, which may offend some of the audience some of the time. But it also contributes to the diversity of content in the media and to fulfill Naija Hot Blog’s function to encourage and promote all the spheres of life and all views. Naija Hot Blog acknowledges that an editor should never gratuitously harm or offend and, accordingly, any content which is likely to harm or offend must have a clear editorial purpose.
  • Naija Hot Blog always refers to the initial source of information and makes a clear reference to it, whenever possible.
  • The editorial team makes every effort to verify the data. The facts in our articles are instantly amended, so that maximum integrity, accuracy and precision are achieved. The users have an opportunity to contribute to this process as well.
  • Naija Hot Blog takes into consideration the versatility of its readers’ interests. It is open for cooperation with independent contributors. Information from readers, as well as reports from social media, is used on a regular basis.
  • Values: We put our audience first by creating relevant content and using multiple distribution channels.
  • Integrity: We double-check our facts before publishing and avoid using misleading or clickbait headlines.