Earn 11k Daily to Bank Account using Apps in Nigeria

As a student, graduate, or business owner, are you seeking for the finest applications that pay you real money in Nigeria online using your smartphone?

Do you want to learn how to earn money directly into your Nigerian bank account using your Android phone?

If you answered yes, this is the article you need to read right now.

Nigeria’s economy has been expanding at an exponential rate, which is likely to continue in the coming years.

This provides Nigerians with the ability to earn money on a daily basis in a variety of inventive methods.

Nigeria, as part of the internet revolution, provides both a cash-rich market and high-quality education at a low cost, making it suitable for many people all over the world who wish to establish their own business or do freelance work from home.

We already spend more time on our phones than anything else, catching cruises online and gossiping, therefore I believe getting money on your phone will be a lot more fun.

Starting out…

Apps for Making Money in Nigeria
Money making applications are mobile tools and internet platforms that allow consumers and users to earn money through referrals and simple chores.

The money-making apps mentioned in this post are accessible for both iPhone and Android.

If you sign up for these money making applications, you will have to put in some effort before you can earn actual money.

Apps That Pay Real Money in Nigeria: Features
A decent app for making money in Nigeria must include:

Maintain a high level of security.
Make your website mobile-friendly.
Have a variety of payment alternatives.
Be completely registered with the appropriate agency.
There will be no hidden fees.
Have received rave reviews.
Have reasonable terms and conditions for its customers.
Requirements to Earn Money Directly to Your Nigerian Bank Account
You must be at least 18 years old to participate.
For verification, you must have a valid ID card (National ID, NIN, Voters Card or International Passport).
A bank account and a bank verification number are required (BVN).
8 Best Ways to Earn Money in Nigeria for Your Bank Account
These are the best ways to earn real money in Nigeria on a daily basis:

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a fairly soft skill that you may master in a month or less and provide online to earn money directly into your Nigerian bank account.

An average graphics designer can earn between $200 and $500 per month, depending on how much you charge your client per service.

As a graphic designer, you can create a variety of products such as logos, posters, banners, fliers, 3D graphics, paper covers, and more.

Fiverr and Upwork can help you earn gigs from foreign clients who will pay you in USD.

Online Education

If you are particularly skilled at teaching certain subjects, you should consider teaching children online.

You can make money online by educating.

There are various online venues where you can sign up to reach out to others.

Some of them, particularly the local ones like Ulesson, allow you to teach Nigerian languages.

There are also other international platforms where you can accomplish this.


Working from home and freelancing is a terrific method to earn money directly into your bank account in Nigeria.

It’s one of Nigeria’s fastest growing businesses, and there are plenty of opportunities for freelancers to make good money using their skills and experience.

Aside from being a great method to make money, freelancing can also be a terrific way for people to learn new skills or gain more experience in their chosen industry.

For example, if you want to be a web designer, this may be of interest to you because it allows you to work from home while learning how things function behind the scenes (and even create some cool designs yourself).

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Graphic design, writing and translation, proofreading, web design, programming, SEO, and other services are all possible.

You can find employment as a freelancer on sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, and Freelancer.co.

Create and market eBooks

This is one of the greatest and easiest ways to make money online.

eBooks are now replacing hard-cover books as a result of broad Internet innovation.

People are less interested in purchasing books because they cannot be read anywhere other than on their mobile phones.

You can publish your eBooks on a variety of platforms.

Amazon has a really popular one.

In its store, Amazon sells low-content eBooks.

If you actually have a talent for writing, all you need to do is register an account, choose a specialty to specialize on, learn to write like a pro, and design your e-book.

You can write about children’s stories, folk tales, fitness, health, and finance, to name a few topics.

One amazing feature of KDP is that you pick your own pricing and Amazon pays you a royalty for each book sold.

Royalties can be withdrawn using PayPal or other alternative methods.

Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic technique to generate money through soft business.

It’s as simple as recommending things to people, selling them, and earning an affiliate commission on each sale made through your link.

You’re still in the same selling bracket here.

You don’t have to own the products, so you have nothing to lose.

All you have to do is get out there and recommend it to people, whether one-on-one, through social media, marketing campaigns, or your website, if you have one.

However, you can sell physical, digital, or service-based goods.

You can register and begin your affiliate business on platforms such as Amazon and ClickBank.

After registering, you just select a product to market.

Start a YouTube channel

One option to get paid in money is to become a YouTuber.

After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine.

Today, there are many YouTubers.

Being innovative and unique can set you out from the crowd.

Following the creation of your channel, the following step is to upload video content.

To earn the money you want, you must first be accepted by Google AdSense through the YouTube partnership program.

However, certain parameters must be met in order to achieve this.

To begin, you should have at least 1000 subscribers on your channel and 4000 view hours across all of your videos within a year.

Once you’ve fulfilled these prerequisites, you’re ready to apply for monetization via the partnership program.


Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money online.

Though blogging may appear to be simple, it takes effort to set up a blog, generate material, and the most difficult part is driving visitors to your site.

This is precisely where the money is.

The more traffic you get, the more likely it is that you will earn more money.

To make money from your blog, you must first be accepted by an ad platform that will install strategically placed adverts on your website.

Advertisement platforms such as Adsense, Ezoic, and Adsterra are used by bloggers.

Bloggers can also make money from their websites by hosting guest posts, affiliate marketing, sponsored adverts, and dropshipping.


Apps in Nigeria That Give Real Money

OwoDaily is the greatest site in Nigeria for performing daily tasks to earn money directly into your bank account.

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This is a digital jobs platform where you may earn up to 5,000 for each job/task performed by like, commenting on posts, sharing a post to Instagram or Facebook, visiting websites, viewing advertisements, completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and installing apps on your phone.

It’s worth it if you can make some good money without putting in a lot of effort.

The minimum withdrawal amount on OwoDaily is 5,000, and you are paid in your bank account every Friday.

How much money can you make on OwoDaily?

You get compensated between 10 and 5,000 per work.

After finishing a certain assignment or job, you upload the proof and are credited.

Once you’ve earned at least 5,000 and completed as many tasks as possible, you can withdraw directly to your bank account.

Advertisers and business owners submit jobs on the OwoDaily platform, and you (the employees) complete the tasks and earn money.

You are the worker, and your duty is to apply for and complete any of the tasks advertised on the platform, upload proof, get paid, and withdraw money immediately to your bank account.

You will make a lot of money because there are many tasks for you to accomplish.

How to Make Money on OwoDaily

  • Simple things must be completed.
  • Join the free affiliate program to earn 50% money on anyone who signs up for OwoDaily using your referral link.
  • Become a reseller – Tell people you can acquire them followers for a fee, then list it as a job on OwoDaily and get people to do the work for you while you retain the profit.
  • If you want sales, likes, views, and comments on your social media channels, list it as a job.
  • As a novice, the greatest thing you can do is focus on doing projects/tasks and earning money without stress, and there are endless things for you to complete daily and get paid.

You withdraw your money once you have earned up to 5,000.

You can combine this with your current employment or internet company to earn money on a daily basis.

Registration for OwoDaily

To sign up for OwoDaily and begin earning money:

Click the ‘Become A Member’ button in red.

Earn money directly into your Nigerian bank account

As you can see above, you’ll need to enter your: on the registration page.

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Phone No
  • Sex
  • Country
    Date of Birth
  • State
  • Bank Account Number (Should Match Full Name)
    Account Number
  • I agree to the Membership Terms and Conditions.
  • Submit and finish your registration.

Following your sign-up, you will receive an email notification.

In case you missed it. Examine your spam folder.

Verify your email address and finish the signup process.

The next step is to pay the activation cost and activate your membership account.

Fee for OwoDaily Activation

The OwoDaily membership price is divided into two plans.


You have lifetime access to earn on the platform with OwoDaily Membership, which is limited to performing digital jobs provided inside the network by active members and the network cash incentive you get when you invite new members/affiliates.

OwoDaily Membership is only 3,000 once, and you will never have to pay it again.


If you sign up for OwoDaily+, you get everything a member has plus access to advertise any accessible deals in the marketplace, where you earn the listed commission once a sale is successfully delivered by the seller.

Affiliates of OwoDaily+ also receive rewards on personal purchases.

This implies that when an OwoDaily+ Member makes a personal purchase from the marketplace, they will receive cashback into their account.

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OwoDaily+ is a 10,000 annual subscription.

Because OwoDaily+ is only available to OwoDaily members, the first membership for new users costs 13,000 yen.

Membership allows you to apply for and fulfill digital job offers shared by other members, as well as recruit thousands of workers to accomplish your digital projects.

On OwoDaily+, you get everything on membership as well as access to affiliate offers where you may earn commissions for successful sales and rewards on your personal purchases.

You have two options for activating your account:

Use a GiftCard to pay

You must purchase a gift card from an OwoDaily partner, who will generate a 16-digit number for you following successful payment.

Once you’ve obtained the code, you can use it to activate your account, which will become active instantly.

Paying Online

This is the most recommended approach because it is both safe and quick; simply pay with your ATM card online and your account will be activated instantly.

In either case, both ways are perfectly enough.

Now that your account is operational, you’ll have access to the platform’s digital jobs, which you can do and get paid for once they’ve been accepted by the platform.

Join OwoDaily Right Now!

OwoDaily Synopsis

OwoDaily is a registered business under TeamXclusive Africa Online Limited, which is verifiable with the Nigerian Cooperation Affairs Commission.
The Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment Commercial Law Department Industrial Property Office Registry has registered OwoDaily as a trademark.
OwoDaily is a community where individuals get together to accomplish digital tasks, push campaigns, earn financial incentives, participate in village activities, and purchase in the market.
Members have access to apply to digital-related jobs posted on the network and are paid a predetermined commission if the job submission is approved as successful, whilst affiliates earn by advertising items and services in the marketplace.
When you refer a new member, you get an extra commission.
As an affiliate, you earn commissions when you refer new clients to the Marketplace’s registered businesses to buy goods and services.
As an affiliate, you will have access to a dashboard as well as a personalized affiliate tracking link.
When you make personal purchases in OwoDaily Market, you may also receive cashback.
Only Paid Members of OwoDaily can upgrade to OwoDaily+ membership. To subscribe as a member, simply click on “OwoDaily+” in the Menu. Activation is automatic, and you can start promoting right away.
Earnings can be withdrawn monthly and deposited directly into your bank account.
All withdrawals from members are processed on a Net-7 basis (Every Friday). Payments are issued to the bank account details provided during member registration when a member files a withdrawal request after attaining the minimum payout amount.
If you have the time and are prepared to part with your 3,000, you can give it a shot.

I’ve withdrawn about 7 times on OwoDaily and earned approximately 75,000 so far.

I should have made more, but I’ve been preoccupied with some personal tasks.

What are the Best Nigerian Earn Money Apps?
OwoDaily is the finest app in Nigeria for earning real money by performing everyday tasks.

There are apps available to assist you succeed whether you are concerned about your finances or simply wish to make passive income online by performing easy chores and instructions.

I’d recommend signing up today if you’re serious about getting urgent 11k daily.

You can trust the content because you have used both of the money earning apps on this list.

I hope you found this information interesting.

Please leave a comment if you know of any other online business and money-making apps in Nigeria that are similarly as good.

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