Obaseki says that FG might not be able to pay workers after June.

Governor Godwin Obaseki has cautioned that the federal government may not be able to pay employee compensation beyond June without massively printing money or eliminating the subsidy on gasoline.

Monday, May 1st, the governor of Edo state warned that if the government chooses any of the alternatives, Nigerian employees could face hardship.

He stated, “It would be a miracle if the federal and state governments were able to pay salaries beyond June without resorting to extensive money printing or eliminating fuel subsidies. Either option will increase hardship and suffering for Nigerians, particularly laborers.

“We must all ensure that the suffering and burden of these necessary measures are not borne solely by workers.

“Workers must now rise and champion any discussion of subsidy elimination.” Breaking the habit of reacting after policies have been established is essential. Instead, it’s crucial to take the lead and prioritize transparency and open communication. To ensure the successful implementation of changes, it is crucial to distribute the advantages and disadvantages equally among all members of Nigerian society, without any prejudice towards disadvantaged individuals.

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