Worth The Wait: Paul Okoye’s former spouse Anita Discusses On Some Personal Challenges

The ex-wife of well-known artist Paul Okoye, popularly known as rude boy, Anita Okoye, has spoken out about certain pregnancy difficulties she experienced while she was married.
Anita claimed that she had many miscarriages.

When responding to the much-discussed film “The Wait,” the mother of three revealed this on her Instagram account.

Anita said that the film’s in-depth examination of the subject of miscarriages had caused comparable experiences she had herself to reopen old wounds.

She revealed that despite experiencing four miscarriages, she is now blessed with three children: Andre, born in 2013, and Nathan and Nadia, twins, born in 2017.

She urged individuals facing comparable difficulties not to give up and to keep waiting on God.

Anita expressed her feelings in her review, saying, “This movie sent my emotions on an emotional rollercoaster.

“Having personally experienced four miscarriages, it surely resurrected old wounds. But take a look at me now!

“The Wait is genuinely #WorthTheWait and has a real purpose. I am aware that there are times when the stillness can be agonizingly loud. Have faith that God will never leave you because of his boundless mercy.

And it’s an absolute honor to be a living testimony for God!

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