Project refund: Tinubu tells Governor Wike, “I owe you nothing.”

Nyesom Wike’s request for a reimbursement for the cost of some federal roads built in Rivers State was denied by the President-elect, Bola Tinubu.

Today, May 3, Tinubu was invited by Governor Wike to inaugurate a road project in his state.

The road project, along with many others that Governor Wike has undertaken, is the responsibility of the Federal government. According to Governor Wike, it will be beneficial if, upon taking office, Tinubu returns the money used to build the road to the Rivers state government.

“Sadly, because these projects concern federal roads, they should be federal government projects. We wouldn’t have done it if we had said that because they are federal government roads. Who are the victims? Since we’ve stated that we don’t want our people to suffer, I also think the Federal Government ought to acknowledge our efforts on our behalf. We ought to be working on these projects. Please bring your bill so we can give you a refund for the money you spent building the roads. That is how a partnership with an excellent federal government is supposed to work. I can assure you that other states will have the courage to follow suit as soon as you walk into the office and decide to return the money. I’m not requesting anything that we aren’t due. The Federal Government ought to congratulate you and say, “You are a real son of this government; you have absolved us of shame.”

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But in response to Governor Wike’s request, Tinubu emphasized that he owed the state nothing and that the only thing it could do was to pressure him to return the money.

“I owe you nothing regarding the 12th flyover or the refund request you made. The path is yours. You can’t laugh at me and demand something. On this street, you are the only resident. I appreciate your effort. You have to lobby me to collect it.” he said

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