APC stalwarts threaten to abandon the party in Kwara in 2023.

In 16 of Kwara State’s local government areas, several leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have declared their desire to join an unnamed party.

They said that if the party leadership continues to ignore them on important issues, they might have to resort to the last option.

NAIJA HOT BLOG says that the angry members said they had decided to tell the party’s leaders about their plans.

Former Ifelodun Local Government Chairman Jide Usman reportedly told reporters in the state’s capital, Ilorin, that the group leaders who felt aggrieved had been patiently and profoundly concerned about what was occurring in the state’s political arena.

They warned the party leaders not to ignore them when it came to issues that were very important to the people.

Usman saw that the unhappy party members stayed in the party even though it was clear that the leadership had problems. He also said that any serious political group in the state cannot afford to ignore these respected opinion leaders and grassroots activists in the state’s 16 local governments.

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According to him, some of their complaints included the government’s inability to hold local elections to elect representatives to manage affairs locally and the fact that pensioners weren’t receiving the money they were due. The fact that the government wasn’t doing enough to improve rural areas regarding physical development and agriculture would have provided jobs for the many young people living there, and they neglected the rural road network.

The leader of the APC said that attempts to talk to the state governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, about the group’s problems had failed.

Usman said, “We wanted to talk to the governor one-on-one about our feelings, observations, and ideas.” But the offers were not taken into account. Even though we are not doing all of these things to make money but to help his government and the good people of Kwara in general, this was the case.

“We went even further and asked some other well-known Kwarans to help set up a meeting with the governor so we could talk to him about our worries and give him ideas and possible plans for how to deal with the ugly situation so we could avoid a political disaster and do well in the upcoming elections.

“Surprisingly, none of our efforts worked because, even though we thought he got our messages, he decided to ignore them and wouldn’t meet with us.” So we concluded that he either doesn’t see what we see or doesn’t care about us.

“However, we must say very clearly that the current administration in the state was made possible by the combined efforts, support, and sacrifices of the P7, as well as APC members and other groups. Because of this, we can give good advice when we see things going wrong.

“We need to say how we feel and make it clear that we feel ignored and left out by the government, even though we made a lot of sacrifices and helped make it possible.

“Because of our disappointment and dissatisfaction, we found out that millions of other Kwarans have had the same “I don’t care” attitude from the government of Kwara State.” We now work with them to stop this kind of government from regaining power in Kwara State again.”

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