Nollywood Actress Says Married Men Are The Sweetest To Date

Esther Nwachukwu, a Nollywood actress, has come under fire online for saying that married guys make the best dates.
According to Naija News, the actress made this clear when defending her claims in a video posted on Instagram.

The rising actress believes that married guys are the sweetest, particularly when they are attractive, successful, and good in bed.

Dating married men, according to Esther Nwachukwu, is the nicest experience in the world since they give their complete attention, in contrast to single men.

Online users criticized her for this, claiming that it is not surprising that so many actresses are involved in the network of kidnapping people’s husbands.

“This only validates what people say about some of these actresses and celebrities,” cherry208 remarked.

They will eventually date yours too, as olorire omoiyaakeem stated. Gbeske olori

The gorgeous ones are born in this generation, and they will drag your husband like a generator with you, wrote ihemenancy.

“Internet will absolutely preserve this receipt for future uses,” wrote targetogadi1.

“The girl wey go find your own spouse “sweet” still dey JSS2,” wrote priscillia oluchi. I occasionally wonder if some of them don’t have family members online.

“Stay disgraceful yellow pipu,” wrote deejaygfunk.

“Know what you saying and doing,” kingdavidbarretti wrote In life, keep in mind that you might not need that energy in the future and that the internet never forgets.

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“Public display of immaturity… Tufiakwa,” wrote bigdon official.

“Some of you folks keep acting like orphans, with no family members to give you advise or notice the garbage you do or say on the internet,” excellent pinna commented.

You won’t understand what it’s like to be cheated on until one of your coworkers or Aigbe’s apprentice does it to you, l. Tobiloba wrote. Olofo”

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