‘Nigeria is safer in my hands,’ Peter Obi says, dragging Tinubu down over age, school, and background.

Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, has slammed his All Progressives Congress (APC) adversary, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, for referring to him as a “stingy guy.”

Former Anambra State governor Peter Obi said the country would be safer in the hands of a stingy man.

Tinubu, according to Naija News, attacked the LP candidate last week during a campaign event in Akure, Ondo State, for saving money instead of using it to build Anambra.

“All he (Obi) could do was talk about saving money,” Tinubu added. But I tell you, it is a wicked dad who has money but permits his children to be hungry.

“My compatriots, you cannot commit your destiny or the future of our nation to Mr. Sell Everything Atiku or Mr. Stingy Obi. But you can rely on Mr. Tinubu of Progressive Good Governance!”

Peter Obi, speaking at a rally in Akure on Saturday, claimed he is stingy but responsible with public finances.

He said that Nigeria would be safer under his care because he was stingy and could invest in education, health, the economy, and other areas to help the country grow.

“Yes, they said I was cheap, but we don’t want to steal the country’s money. We just want to use it to help our people and build up this country.”

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“They said I was cheap. We want people to be cheap right now so we can keep the money. We want to make sure that your money changes the country for the better.

“In the upcoming election, don’t vote for someone because of their tribe. Instead, vote for someone who will help the country move forward.

“This election is about who we can trust and who has good character. Everyone knows where my running mate and I went to school. You all know our ages, our names, and where we go to school. “Everyone knows where we came from,” Peter Obi said.


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